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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

Green Sticky Notes
recycled sticky notes

Stick-up Notes in 100% recycled paper, available in 4 shades. White and pastel yellow shades match standard paper as closely as possible. These environmentally friendly sticky notes make for a fantastic green giveaway.

Colours: Light beige, Pastel yellow, White, Mocha.

Suggested Strapline: Made from 100% recycled paper

Max no of print colours: up to full colour (CMYK)

a green product
 Unit Price

Price is inclusive of single colour print in one position. Additional print colours price available on request.

There is a screen setup charge of £33 per colour. Minimum order is the smallest quantity listed.

Recycled paper
12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. The average person gets through 38kg of newspapers per year, a ton of which takes 24 trees to make. This recycled paper is used to create our Recycled Notepads, Recycled Stick pen, Recycled paper Pen and the Eco-Stick pen.
Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons
The aluminium foil layer between the polythene and paper contained in Tetra pak containers eg. milk cartons, is extruded and separated from the fibre stock which is then re-used for paper manufacture.

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Sticky notes – Stick it anywhere and everywhere

Promotional items have always been and will remain to be the most preferred choice for companies looking to market their products in an effective and cost-saving way. In times of recession, especially, companies are looking to cut down their marketing budget and looking to various means of promoting their name while investing less money. That is where promotional products come in as a most recommended option.

Sticky notes are a promotional item that never seem to go out of fashion and are accepted readily by everyone. A sticky note is a piece of paper with gum on one of its ends so that it conveniently sticks to any surface. These are available in various shapes, sizes and colors and are used by people to write important stuff that they made want to be constantly reminded about.

The good thing about sticky notes as a promotional product is that even if the recipient does not use it at the workplace, it can always find a place somewhere in the house where it will be seen by a number of people and thus earn the much needed promotion for your business.

Sticky notes also have ample space where you can get your company, name or logo printed depending on its size. Even if the size is really small, the company logo can still be printed as a watermark.

The receiver and the persons around will be continuously exposed to the promotional note and that is exactly what you want from a good promotional product. But be sure to get the work professionally done as a clearly visible logo will have the maximum impact on the onlooker.

Sticky notes can be given as free gifts to your customers along with their normal purchase or can also be distributed in trade shows or promotional events. All in all, sticky notes make a perfect promotional gift.