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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

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green pens
Green Pens Bioveg GP
Biodegradable Retractable Green Pens made from corn starch, these environmentally friendly pens are available ina choice of colours.
green pens
Green Pens Bioveg X
Made from biodegradable corn starch these environmentally friendly green pens make for a fantastic green giveaway.
green pens
Green Pens Click
Biodegradable pen made from corn starch, an environmentally friendly green pen available in a choice of trim colours.
green pens
Green Pens Kiki
Retractable ballpen made from biodegradable corn starch. An environmentally friendly green pen that makes for a fantastic giveaway.
green pens
Green Pens Nature
Made from biodegradable wood from well managed forests. This green pen can be personalised with your details.
green pens
Green Pens Albero
Attractive wooden green pens with chrome trim. FSC certification assures green credentials for your next promotional campaign.
recycled pens
Recycled Pens Flower
Green Pens made from biodegradable corn starch incorporate a seed pod containing aster seeds that can be planted..
recycled pens
Recycled Pens Permaball
Permanent, multi-surface rollerball green pens made from at least 70% recycled plastic. Writes on almost any surface, an ideal gif.
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Green Pens - The best choice for your next promotion

Green pens or recycled pens can be made from a range of previously used materials such as recycled cd cases, recycled plastic and sustainable and biodegradable sources such as corn starch and sustainable wood

There is a need today to create environmentally friendly products which make use of recycled and renewable resources to reduce the impact of environmental pollution and global warming. When you purchase Green pens for your next promotional campaign you are showing your environmental concern. In today's throw-away society companies that show they care will be preferred when it comes to placing orders.

Green pens are a useful gift that will be readily used by your customers and when personalised with your company details are a constant reminder to them such that they are likely to order your company's products rather than a competitor's. Green pens are readily mobile accompanying your Client wherever they go displaying your promotional message wherever they are used. Business will come from most unexpected sources.