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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

recycled pens
Recycled Pens Greenball
Quality Pilot brand rollerball green pens incorporating at least 70% recycled plastic which makes environmentally friendly gifts.
recycled pens
Recycled Pens Knock
Attractive Pilot Ballpen made from 70% recycled plastic making environmentally friendly green pens
recycled pens paper
Recycled Pens Paper
Capless ballpen made from recycled paper. Choice of five colours, excellent print area in these environmentally friendly green pens
mechanical pencil recycled
Mechanical Pencil Recycled
Recycled Pencils made from recycled plastic. These environmentally friendly pencils can be personalised on the barrel or the clip.
recycled pencils wooden
Recycled Pencils Wooden
FSC Certified wooden recycled pencils from sustainable forests. With silver ferrule, pink eraser and in a choice of colours..
recycled pencils
Recycled Pencils Carpenter
Traditional flat carpenter recycled pencils made from FSC certified wood. Can be personalised in multi-colour printing and full colour printing.
recycled pencils paper
Recycled Pencils Paper
Recycled pencils made from recycled paper with painted finish. An environmentally friendly option reducing the demand for wood.
recycled pencils plastic
Recycled Pencils Plastic
Recycled Pencils made from recycled plastic. Available in a choice of colours and can be printed in one or more colours with your details.
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