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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

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organic cotton cap
Organic Cotton Cap
Made from organic cotton coloured with non metallic dyes these environmentally friendly cotton caps are great green clothing
recycled bottle caps
Recycled Bottle Caps
Green clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, these caps available in a selection of colours and can be printed with your details.
mens organic polo shirt
Mens Polo Shirt
Mens Polo Shirts made from organic cotton, available in a choice of colours. This green clothing can be embroidered or printed.
womens organic polo shirt
Womens Polo Shirt
Womens polo shirt made from organic cotton. This green clothing comes in a choice of colours.
mens organic t shirt
Mens T Shirts
Manufactured from 100% unbleached natural cottons these environmentally friendly mens t shirts are terrific green clothing..
womens organic t shirt
Womens T Shirts
Womens T Shirts made from organic cotton. This green clothing can be printed with your promotional message.
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Organic clothing – Caring for the surroundings

Organic clothing is manufactured without the use of any substances that are harmful for nature such as pesticides and other such chemicals. In today’s world when we are faced with such grave problems as global warming and ever increasing environmental pollution, it is extremely important that we make every possible effort to save the world from an impending disaster facing us. Organic clothing is one such product that helps preserve the environment.

Some of the umpteen benefits of organic clothing include its environmental friendly manufacturing process that does not involve the use of any harmful substances and ease with which these can be recycled without polluting the surroundings.

Cotton is one of the world’s most widely cultivated crops but is also the most damaging to the environment, using more insecticides than any other single crop. Organic cotton, thus, is one such product that can fulfill the need of cotton while being environment friendly. Besides, organic cotton also has other properties such as non-allergic, high absorbent, soothing and non irritant, which makes it a preferred choice for all consumers. Organic cotton is grown on a land that has been given ample time to negate the effects of any pesticides used earlier on it and is also packaged without the use of any chemicals.

Organic clothing or green clothing unlike conventional cotton clothes, which can sometimes be irritating to the skin, is absolutely comfortable and soothing for the skin even for new born babies. It is an ideal product for making clothes as well as surgical wear, which runs a high risk of contamination.

A large number of baby products such as baby clothes and blankets are manufactured from organic cotton. Organic blankets are ideal to protect the baby’s extremely sensitive skin from any slightest change in weather. These blankets are not only manufactured from organic cotton but also processed in such a way that keeps it absolutely free from harmful chemicals.