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Organic Cotton

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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

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cotton bags
Long Handled Cotton Bags
100% unbleached natural cotton these environmentally friendly cotton bags make for a fantastic green giveaway
cotton bags
Short Handled Cotton Bags
Convenient Shopper bag made from made from 100% Cotton. A great environmentally friendly gift.
cotton bags
Small Cotton Bags
Environmentally friendly shopping bag made from 100% Cotton. A great green gift that can be personalised with your promotional message.
green bag
Long handled Green Bag
Made from 100% organic cotton. This green bag can show your green credentials and your promotional message.
green bag
Short handled Green bag
Convenient 100% organic cotton bag, extremely useful for the extended display of your promotional message
canvas bag
Canvas Bag
Made from 100% natural cotton and environmentally friendly option for your next promotion.
organic cotton cap
Organic Cotton Cap
Made from organic cotton coloured with non metallic dyes these environmentally friendly cotton caps are a great business gift
mens organic polo shirt
Mens Polo Shirt
Mens Organic Cotton Polo Shirts available in a choice of colours and can be embroidered or printed with your promotional message.
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Organic Cotton - The environmentally friendly choice for your promotional gifts.

Organic Cotton is understood to be cotton from non-genetically modified plants grown without the use of synthetic chemicals such as fetilizers or pesticides. Synthetic agricultural chemicals can be harmful to the environment especially when they run off into water supplies or remain in food when it is eaten.

In non organic cotton growing higher levels of pesticides are used compared to that used for other crops, this combined with the chemicals used for processing the cotton result in air and surface water polution. Residual chemicals in garments made from non organic cotton may result in skin irritation. Another concern for environmentally concious consumers is that the use of pesticides decreases the biodiversity of the ecosystems and harms the natural order.

Organic cotton grown with due regard to biologically based growing practices make a healthier crop and benefit the planet. Benefits of organic cotton production without the use of chemicals is that surface water quality is protected especially when it is the source of drinking water. Insect and disease control is effected by replacing the insecticides with the manipulation of the eco systems.

The transition from cultivation of non organic cotton production to eco friendly organic cotton production is a complex matter which requires the farmers to document the procedures to ensure that their organic cotton is not contaminated by non organic crop production in neighbouring fields or farms

There is a considerable body of information that has been built up in how to implement organic methods of crop production especially the production of organic cotton. Certifying bodies will scrutinise the documentation to make sure the crop is deserving of the label organic cotton. A lot of work, but well worth it to protect the environment and all its inhabitants be they human, animal or plant.