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Green Gifts give impact to your business
combining a great promotional gift with respect for the environment

We are very proud of our Green Gifts range which we believe to be the largest collection of sustainable promotional gifts on the market. Promotional eco friendly products are now available in a massive range of styles, colours and finishes. This means that however complex a logo or message is, there will be an environmentally friendly promotional product to carry it off in a visually exciting and appropriate way.

The extensive range of eco friendly promotional products available include recycled notepads, sticky notes, rulers, coasters, mugs, pens and much more. Ordering your recycled promotional items and gifts from eco gifts could not be easier. Once you have selected your chosen products contact one of our experienced advisers who will be happy to assist you. To ensure that that the eco friendly promotional items you have selected perform to their maximum impact we will provide a virtual sample free of charge for your approval.

Our Jute Bags, Cotton Bags, Biodegradable Bags and Messenger Bags are the latest trend they come in a range of fashionable fabrics, colours, shapes and sizes.
Recycled Tyre Mouse Mats
Made from recycled tyres, these unique mousemats are perfect for getting your green message across
Recycled CD Eco Pens
Made from recycled CD cases these environmentally friendly pens make for a fantastic giveaway.
USB Flash Drives
Made from recycled plastic these USB flash Drives are green!

Biodegradable Maize
Mater-Bi comes from renewable raw materials such as non-genetically modified corn starch. This material is used in the manufacture of our Click Green Pen, Flower Green pen, Kiki Green pen and Square Green Pen
Recycled paper
12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. The average person gets through 38kg of newspapers per year, a ton of which takes 24 trees to make. This recycled paper is used to create our Recycled Notepads, Recycled Stick pen, Recycled paper Pen and the Eco-Stick pen. In addition we use the recycled paper to make the Paper Foil Recycled Pencil and the Multi-coloured Recycled Paper Pencil
Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons
The aluminium foil layer between the polythene and paper contained in Tetra pak containers eg. milk cartons, is extruded and separated from the fibre stock which is then re-used for paper manufacture. This is used to make our Tetra Pak recycled Frisbee, Tetra Pak recycled Yo-Yo, Tetra Pak Phone Holder and Tetra Pak Eco Pens.
Recycled Plastic
Packaging represents the largest single sector of plastics use in the UK. this sector accounts for 35% of UK plastics consumption and plastic is used in nearly half of all packaged goods. You will find a broad selection of eco gifts products where recycled plastic is used such as recycled Ring Binders, Recycled coasters, Recycled Plastic paper Clips, Eco bags, Green Pens.

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